Gala Party Mood

Creative Direction • Photography
After the reception and dinner, the Dispuut Diablo girls sorority Lustrumgala turned into a night of unforgettable fun! Armed with our Godox V1 flash and Sony A7 IV, we captured the lively atmosphere in the dark – from radiant portraits to action-packed shots of everyone partying 📸

Client: Dispuut Diablo
Creative Directors: @daves__creations
Photographers: Dave Schreurs


Pixel Moods was thrilled to capture the vibrant atmosphere of the O.D.D Diablo girls sorority Lustrumgala party, an event filled with fun, laughter, and unforgettable moments. As an experienced event photographer, we used our creative skills to showcase the lively spirit of the evening and the joy of the attendees.

With our trusty Sony A7 IV camera and Godox V1 flash, we were able to capture the energetic party scenes, as well as intimate portraits and spontaneous action shots of guests having a fantastic time. Our photography style reflects the essence of the party, providing the sorority with a collection of images that will keep the memories of this special night alive.

Immerse yourself in the exciting visuals of Pixel Moods' gala party photography, and let us bring your celebration to life with our expertise and passion for capturing unforgettable events. Trust us to preserve the magic of your gala ball party, ensuring that every moment is beautifully documented for you and your guests to cherish.

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