How I create your Moods.

Pixel Moods believes in the power of visual storytelling through digital media and authentic portraits. Together we will create images that show your true self. It is my goal to get in touch with who you are and translate this to true images.

Every shoot is unique.

Every person is unique which is exactly what I want to capture. Finding out who you are excites me to make every shoot unique. Together we will figure out your wants and needs and who you are as a person to truly reflect this on the images I will be shooting of you.

Playing with light.

Using the flash of the studio or the beautiful sun rays of a sun that is setting down. Colourful leds or unique patterns through a projector. Or maybe the moonlight is exactly what you need. Playing with light will give your shoot that wow factor you are looking for.

Unique locations.

A studio shoot can be exactly what you need, but there is a whole world out there with millions of locations that might also be perfectly suited for your mood. Together we will pinpoint the perfect location that accentuates who you truly are as a person.

Let's create your moods.