How I can help you.

Pixel Moods believes in the power of visual storytelling through digital media and authentic portraits. Photography is a considerable part of what I do, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Together with a selected group of professionals I co-create your full mood. Think of: branding, web design & development, film, documentary and installation design.


The branding of your company is everything your customer sees or even feels when they get in contact with you. Logo design, typography, colours requires the right mood to really show what you stand for. Everything we do is done with detailed research to make sure your company gets the right look

Web & Socials.

We are ushering into an age where social media is just as important as a good functional website. At Pixel Moods we believe that everything works best when it's part of a bigger whole. To make sure we give you the best possible online presence Pixel Moods creates an online presents that reflects you

Photo & Video.

Visuals are what people remember most of all. While a picture says more than a thousand words a video says even more. Together we make sure that we show you parts of yourself or your company that you didn't even think off. These visuals fit perfectly into your digital mood and reflect what you need to tell

Let's create your moods.